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Review Vermont Nut Free Chocolates - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Review of Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

One of the things I love about being involved in the food allergy community is meeting other people fighting the fight! I have crossed paths with Mark from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates at several events over the years. I love that he makes chocolates free of peanuts and tree nuts! Unfortunately with my son’s multiple food allergies and my many sensitivities, we were not able to sample their products.  But my son has recently outgrown his egg and milk allergies (or so it seems – he eats lots of cheese and dairy products but I have yet to give him...

Gluten Free Cheerios - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Review of the NEW Gluten Free Cheerios!

It’s good to be a blogger! This weekend, I was an Official Blogger at the GF&AF Expo, which was a blast. (Post coming soon….) Before the event, I was in touch with the folks at Cheerios, and at the Expo, they surprised me with a box of the new gluten free Cheerios! They weren’t giving them out to anyone, nor even giving little tasting samples. But my new buddy Evan secretly gave me the bag of goods from inside the ONE box of gluten free Cheerios that he had in his possession. And now, I’m happy to write what may be...

Trader Joe's Food Allergy Shopping List - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Our Trader Joe’s Food Allergy Shopping List – Part 1

For me, one of the most frustrating things about food allergies is how much more time it takes just to buy groceries! Gone are the days when you can just breeze into any grocery store, buy whatever catches your eye and run back out. Now, I’m always clogging up the store aisles, reading labels. We, the food allergic, need to use up precious brain space to remember things like whether “sodium stearoyl lactylate” or “calcium lactate” contain dairy.* We must use our iPhones at the store to find out whether that product’s “natural flavor” contains gluten or other allergens. My poor eyes are...

Bread Maker Review - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Bread Maker Review – Breadman Pro TR 875

I’ve been asked about the bread machine that I use, so here’s my bread maker review. I have had the Breadman TR875 bread machine for about six years, and use it a couple of times per month to make My Favorite Sandwich Bread. It looks exactly like the one pictured, and is still in great shape. I chose this bread maker because it has a Gluten Free setting. The settings of most bread machines include two separate kneading cycles with a rest period in between, and a punch down after the rising cycle. A punch down, which is like another very... - gluten free Cheerios

Gluten Free Cheerios Coming Soon!

My kids eat Cheerios every day, and every day I miss eating them! I’m gluten sensitive, so I haven’t had Cheerios in a very long time. Gluten free oats are available in stores, and there other brands of O-shaped cereal, but I have missed Cheerios. So I was very excited to hear that Big G Cereals will roll out gluten free Cheerios starting in July 2015! UPDATE: Check out my review of the new gluten-free Cheerios, which includes a summary of all of the controversy, including whether or not they are truly gluten free!  The five flavors going gluten free...

Fearless Food Allergy Mom review of Pascha soy free chocolate

Review of Pascha Soy Free Chocolate – Dairy Free, Top 8 Allergen Free

I’m in the middle of writing a post on soy free chocolate, but just tried a new brand and had to write about it immediately! I’ve heard about Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate bars but never saw them at the store until today. Pascha chocolate bars are vegan and free from peanuts, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat and gluten. The products also do not contain any GMOs, and are Fair Trade Certified to boot! The bar I tried is called 55% Cacao with Goldenberries. Pascha only makes dark chocolates which range from 55% to 85% chocolate cacao. A higher percentage of cacao...