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Food Diary For Allergies and Symptoms – Free Download!

A food diary is one of the best tools to figure out what foods you or your child are allergic or sensitive to. Your allergist can perform blood tests and skin prick tests that will help you determine any allergies. But, as the doctors will tell you, those tests are not 100 percent accurate. You may test positive for an allergy to peanuts, but maybe you’ve been eating them without noticing any reaction. Or, your child’s test may be negative for a milk allergy, but you suspect she wheezes when she has dairy products. That eczema that won’t go away even...

Having a Child With Asthma or Reactive Airway Disease - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

I Know How to Use a Stethoscope, or, Having a Child With Asthma or Reactive Airway Disease

When a child has breathing issues, it’s scary. Unfortunately, my children have been to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital more times than I care to think about. Thankfully, they are both doing rather well now. Here are some things I have learned along the way about having a child with asthma or reactive airway disease. (Remember that I am not a doctor or nurse so, please, always consult with your child’s pediatrician regarding your child!) ♦  Asthma or Reactive Airway Disease? Breathing problems in children under 6 are usually not diagnosed as “asthma” because they cannot accurately gauge...