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Chocolate Coconut Haystacks - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Chocolate Coconut Haystacks, or, The Best Stuff Ever

Toasted coconut + chocolate = heaven, in my book. When I was a kid and we went those chocolate shops in the mall – you know, the ones where you could buy individual confections – I would always choose the chocolate coconut haystacks. They were so ridiculously good! Anyway, this is crazy yummy stuff. I make these all the time, and people always ask for the recipe. These chocolate coconut haystacks look so fancy but couldn’t be simpler to make. Shh, don’t tell anyone! I also give these as gifts, especially around the holidays. Wrap them in some pretty cellophane bags...

Honey Baked Ham Recipe - Fearless Food Allergy Mom

Holiday Honey Baked Ham Recipe

I make this honey baked ham almost every Easter and always get rave reviews. Last year I made it alongside a turkey at Thanksgiving, because we just need to have a crazy amount of food – that’s how we roll. People think it tastes just like a ham from the Honeybaked Ham store – but it’s way less expensive! I just buy a spiral cut ham from the big box store and throw away the nasty glaze packet, which usually has gluten and soy in it. This is a very easy recipe. The hardest part may be finding pear juice...