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Allergy Awareness Week: Tips For Having a Food Allergy Friendly Vacation

Back in April, it was Allergy Awareness Week in the U.K. I was so honored to be a guest blogger for Foods You Can, a great site based in England, where you can search for info on products, recipes and restaurants that cater to multiple food allergies. (They have sites based in the U.S. and Canada too. Check it out!) You can search by each of the top 8 allergens, as well as things like sesame free, salt free, yeast free and MSG free – it’s pretty cool. My guest post was entitled Allergy Awareness Week: Tips for Having an...

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How to Prepare for a Storm When You Have Food Allergies and Asthma

“French toast alert!”  That cracks me up.  It refers to the panic before snowstorms where everyone rushes to the store to buy bread, milk and eggs. With our food allergies, my storm shopping list is a little different! Also, having a child with asthma has its own concerns in the face of a nasty Nor’Easter. A blizzard is heading this way tonight and people are practically killing each other in the parking lots and aisles of grocery and home improvement stores to get prepared.  I shopped in case we get snowed in or lose power for a long time, especially...