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Woodman’s of Essex – Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Fried Seafood

Summer has unofficially begun! For us, nothing says “IT’S SUMMER” like a trip to Woodman’s restaurant in Essex, Massachusetts for the best fried seafood in the country! It’s a beautiful day in southern New England, and my mom is here visiting from the West Coast. She really wanted fish and chips, so off we went to Woodman’s. I love this place. When you go gluten free, one of the first things you notice is a lack of gluten free fried foods. Well, gluttons like me notice these things immediately. But Woodman’s can make your fried seafood dreams come true. Most of...

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My Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants

Gluten free restaurants are everywhere now, which is a good thing! There are a lot of restaurants which serve gluten free menu items, but not all of them are great. If you’re gluten free, I’m sure you’ve had the experience where a restaurant says they serve gluten free food, but then you find out that your menu options are limited to plain meats and salads, with no side dishes. I mean, it’s great that they have some gluten free options so that you’re not left starving. But there are some restaurants that really cater to celiacs and those on a...

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2015 List of Top Allergy Friendly Restaurant Chains – Do You Agree?

AllergyEats, an online guide to allergy friendly restaurants in the U.S., has released its 2015 list of the Most Allergy Friendly Restaurant Chains nationwide. The list was created based on AllergyEats customer feedback. The rankings are divided into “large” restaurant chains (those with 50 or more restaurants) and “small” chains (those with less than 50 restaurants). There is quite a bit of debate about this list and some of the restaurants on it. Someone’s experience with how “allergy friendly” a restaurant is can vary greatly, depending on what allergies you have. For example, while Red Robin may be allergy friendly to...